• 19842Earth as It Is in Heaven, a New Novel by Karl Elder

    In dialect quite unlike any other, a xenophobic teenager reveals the story of his destiny begun when he confesses under the spell of his one-room schoolhouse teacher and surrogate mother that he possesses memory of the future. Only a crazy, he fears, would believe what he knows to be true, that he will become the world’s best three-cushion billiard player, despite that he has never seen such a table in his life. For now he must endure calamity—magnified by an array of wearisome paranormal gifts, including that of a somnambulist who draws in his sleep—in his rural community, where mayhem and miracles abound, moving him into the role of witness and reluctant disciple of a new religion espousing an ecological ethic.

    Earth as It Is in Heaven: An Aural Novel will be released in February 2016, and the title is available for pre-order today from Pebblebrook Press

  • piecesA Man in Pieces

    “. . . [I’m] struck again and again . . . by the pure unfathomable meaningfulness of the writing. I didn’t want the book to end.” — William Heyen

    “. . . ingenious . . . angles . . . . [Elder’s] poetry is always moving, funny enough to make you cry, and sad enough to make you laugh.” — William Greenway

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