• 19842Earth as It Is in Heaven, a novel by Karl Elder

    In dialect quite unlike any other, a xenophobic teenager reveals the story of his destiny begun when he confesses under the spell of his one-room schoolhouse teacher and surrogate mother that he possesses memory of the future. Only a crazy, he fears, would believe what he knows to be true, that he will become the world’s best three-cushion billiard player, despite that he has never seen such a table in his life. For now he must endure calamity—magnified by an array of wearisome paranormal gifts, including that of a somnambulist who draws in his sleep—in his rural community, where mayhem and miracles abound, moving him into the role of witness and reluctant disciple of a new religion espousing an ecological ethic.

    Earth as It Is in Heaven: An Aural Novel was released February 2016, and is available  from Pebblebrook Press

  • karlsignsmEarth as It Is in Heaven book launch

    An enthusiastic audience filled the Rocca meeting room at Mead Public Library, Sheboygan, WI, on February 23, 2016 to hear Karl Elder read from his new novel.

    Karl Elder signs a copy of Earth as It Is in Heaven, his aural novel from Pebblebrook Press.

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